Puzzles!  We have been thinking about puzzles lately, and how we can take this old idea and make it something cool and modern. The first thing we decided was to get rid of the pictures of waterfalls and windmills, and just celebrate the beauty of the wood itself. So that is what we have done. If you get too lost, you can start matching up wood grain. The next thought we had was that there is no reason necessarily that the puzzles have to be the traditional shape. Any shape will do. And since we love flowing organic shapes, we decided to use those. And to add a little zest? Make the shapes soft and round using nothing more than a Dremel tool with a sanding drum attachment. Ta da! A cool new puzzle style. Try them out. They are harder than you might think to put together.

The first pattern is up. We are also working on a much, much larger version, soon to be available for purchase. Lets call this one testing the waters. Let us know what you think.