scroll saw inlay boxes made easy

The New Book Is Now Available!

Our newest book , Scroll Saw Inlay Boxes Made Easy, is complete and ready to be added to your collection. The book features 15 brand new patterns that contrast different wood species to create amazing boxes.

Buy it on Amazon Here

Get our very popular sculptural boxes book!

We are proud to announce our newest wood working book, Sculptural Boxes Made Easy. This book provides 10 brand new patterns for amazing boxes that are both functional and beautiful. Step by step instructions and process photography guide wood workers through the process of building unique, distinctive wood boxes that everyone will be sure to love.

It is available for purchase now on Amazon via this link:

Sculptural Boxes Made Easy

It is also available at Create Space:

Sculptural Boxes Made Easy

Tired of all the same old wood working patterns?

We were too!

At this site, you will find a collection of truly unique and downright beautiful patterns that can not be found anywhere else on the web.

In addition, we also provide materials, tutorials, tips and advice, instructional videos, and everything you need to create beautiful wood art!

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