About our Patterns

You may have noticed that the patterns and products you see on this site are not patterns you have seen anywhere else. There is a reason for that. All of the patterns we sell are created by a small yet talented group of artists who only sell their patterns through this web site. You wont find any bulk purchase resale patterns on this site. We are committed to providing only the highest quality patterns you can find anywhere. We know you can't find them anywhere else because these are newly created patterns, only available through this web site.

So how did these patterns come about? The founder of the company was frustrated with the kinds of templates available to woodworkers. Most of the patterns and templates were very dated. Some focused on a heavily ornate pattern of fretwork, like overzealous spider webs. Others patterns focused on images of wildlife and farms and lighthouses. But while these kinds of patterns are great for some people, they are not right for everyone. He looked at the kind of work being created for galleries, craft fairs, and art shows, and decided it was time to take the style and form of art quality projects, and make it available for everyone to learn and master.

You may also have noticed that we offer a small collection of patterns. Good things take time, and we are still growing. Since we conceive, design, and build all of our own patterns, it will take us some time for our collection to grow. But we don't want the collection to become too vast. We are determined to ensure that every pattern available on the web site is the best and coolest pattern possible. That means we don't keep every pattern we develop. Some are better than others, and some just don't work out. We strike our reputation on providing Quality over Quantity.

So what is included in with our patterns? Our patterns are recipes for woodworking. You supply the wood, tools, and craftsmanship, and we supply the rest. Our patterns all come with full size templates, so you don't have to scan and enlarge to get things to the right size. We also provide sections of the project, and photos, details, and exploded views, where ever it will be helpful to explain the steps involved. Also, we provide step by step instructions, clearly written, to guide you through the process. All of our patterns are either completely computer drawn, or computer enhanced, to provide the clearest and most understandable patterns on the market. And if you still need help getting through one of our projects? Please contact us. Not only can we help you, but your questions will help us to ensure that we are providing the best possible products.


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